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MartNet WebAdmin - Easy Account Feature Management

Click Here for WebAdmin for DIAL-UP Customers

Click Here for WebAdmin for VIRTUAL HOSTING Customers

WebAdmin Help / Technical Support Documentation

ALL MartNet WebAdmin programs REQUIRE an SSL capable Web Browser
To help protect the privacy and security of our Customers and servers, MartNet now REQUIRES use of an SSL capable Web Browser. All popular, modern Web Browsers (Netscape, IE, Opera, Omniview, Lynx, W3M) and most not-as-popular web browsers written since 1995 or so and released in the United States all include SSL by default. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, and is a form of data encryption, which makes your password and data unreadable to prying eyes who may try and evesdrop while data travels between our Secure Servers and your Web Browser.

NOTE: If you are behind a firewall, Port 20000 must be open to use MartNet WebAdmin. If you click on any of the above links and the page fails to open (or you just get a blank screen) you are likely behind a firewall that blocks Port 20000. Contact your network administrator for further assistance.

Please send comments, suggestions, and problem reports to support@martnet.com

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